Recycle First! Recycle Right!

The Village recently launched its Recycle First! Recycle Right! program. The goal of this program is to increase resident's awareness on what is accepted in their recycling bins and what items should not be recycled. 

Recent changes in the market conditions for recycling have caused overseas and national buyers of recycled goods to stop accepting recycling loads that are contaminated with items that are not recyclable. If this contamination continues, recycling prices could increase for residents across the nation. The Recycle First! Recycle Right! program is a social media campaign that provides residents tips on what items can and cannot be recycled. By being aware of what can and cannot be recycled, residents can do their part to clean the Village's recycling steam and keep recycling prices low!

See the slideshow below for some tips on what can and cannot be recycled.

Week of 01.12.20

View the full slideshow here.