Grayslake History Videos

As part Logo with Celebrate Grayslake 125 plus 1 and various images representing Grayslakeof Celebrate Grayslake 125+1, a series of one-minute history videos were released by the Grayslake Heritage Center & Museum and the Grayslake Historical Society beginning on May 9, 2021. May 9 marked Grayslake's birthday! We hope you enjoy these short histories of our community. 

If you would like to share these videos, you can find them on our YouTube channel.

1. Incorporation

2. Wilbur

3. Grays Lake to Grayslake

4. The Opera House

5. The Grayslake Gelatin Factory

6. Pete's Park

7. The Dime Store

8. Grayslake Grade School

9. The Grayslake Times

10. The Flood of 1938

11. Pat's Pizza

12. The Outdoor Theater

13. World War I

14. The Original Village Hall

15. Native Peoples

16. The Diamond Jubilee Celebration