Cornerstone of Grayslake

The Cornerstone of Grayslake Project was approved at the October 6, 2009, Village Board Meeting. Cornerstone is a 640-acre development which will incorporate light industrial, research and development, office retail and residential. It will provide substantial tax benefits to the area school districts as well as provide quality economic development to the Village of Grayslake.

If you have any questions or seek additional information, please email Zoning Officer Kirk Smith or call at 847-223-8515. You may also visit the Cornerstone of Grayslake website.

Pattern Book

The Pattern Book is a compilation of site plans, architectural guidelines and designs, environmental and engineering standards, and building concepts that highlight the overall planning vision for the Cornerstone Project. To view the Pattern Book, please select each section as follows:

Other Features of the Cornerstone Development:

Sustainable Development Techniques

  • Compact development with coordinated open space system - 120 acres
  • Tree Preservation
  • Use of sustainable stormwater control techniques/Best Management Practices:
    • Bioswales
    • Native Plantings
  • Comprehensive pathway and trail system
  • Access to three commuter rail stations with planned PACE connectivity
  • Reduced asphalt via shared parking concepts

Quality Architectural Design and Landscaping Requirements

  • Architectural styles consistent with and typical of those found within Grayslake and the Midwest
  • Native and naturalized landscaping throughout
  • Coordinated signage plans