Intra-agency Units

Chief of Police
The Chief of Police is chief executive officer of the police department and is responsible to and under the control of the Mayor and Village Board.  The Chief of Police directly supervises the Administrative Officer and the Police Operations Commander.

Operations Bureau
The Operations Bureau is head by the Operations Commander and reports directly to the Chief of Police.  The functions of the Operations Bureau is to supervise and oversee the Patrol Division, Investigations Division, Special Services Section, Records Division, Training, Internal Affairs and any other divisions, sections and/or programs designated by the Chief of Police.

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division is commanded by the Police Operations Commander and is composed of four (4) uniformed patrol shifts, also referred to as Watches.  The Patrol Division is responsible for:

  • Initial investigation of crimes
  • Follow-up investigations when assigned
  • Enforcement of laws; criminal, traffic, and ordinance
  • Juvenile cases when assigned
  • Directed patrol, random patrol, and bicycle patrol
  • Community relations, service calls
  • Evidence collection
  • Field training and firearm training
  • Facility / lock-up matters
  • Vehicle / equipment matters

Investigations Division
The investigations Division reports to the Police Operations Commander and is commanded by one (1) sergeant and consists of three (3) investigators, two (2) high school resource officers, and one part-time investigator, one MEG (Metropolitan Enforcement Group) officer, and one part-time civilian Social Worker.  The Investigations Division provides follow-up investigations of criminal offenses and the eventual identification, apprehension and successful prosecution of criminal adult and juvenile offenders.

The Division also delivers specialized law enforcement services, such as:

  • A full-time officer assignment at a public high school
  • Juvenile related criminal and non-criminal police services
  • Public appearance activities
  • Intelligence gathering activities
  • Specialized investigations not appropriate to uniformed response
  • Liquor, tobacco, and firearms inspections and related duties
  • Candidate background investigations
  • Social Services and related counseling and referrals

Communications Division
The Communications Division is outside the department's organizational structure and is provided by Glenview Public Safety Dispatch (GPSD) in the Village of Glenview. GPSD staffs the 24-hour operation of the Emergency 9-1-1 System for dispatching police response, relaying information to other agencies, and interacting with the public by telephone in the Police Department lobby. 

Records Division
The Records Division is composed of one (1) full-time civilian Records Supervisor, and one (1) full-time civilian clerk.  The Records Division is responsible (when requested) for timely information about developing crime trends and relating that information to affected department components.

The functions of the Records Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Data management
  • Indexing
  • Maintaining and retrieving various reports and records
  • Coordinating and managing the department's Computer Aided Dispatch System

Administrative Officer
The Administrative Officer is a full-time Sergeant who reports directly to the Chief of Police.  This officer is responsible for the successful management of the agency accreditation process, liaison with the International Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), and matters related to long and short-term agency planning.

Special Services
The Special Services Section reports directly to the Police Operations Commander and consists of one (1) Traffic Enforcement Officer, two (2) civilian Community Service Officers, and one (1) part-time civilian Crossing Guard.